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The Avios Zazzy is everything you want from a sports model and more. The Zazzy is a true sport aerobatic model that will do just about every trick in the book. With a large tapered wing, combined with a long and generously sized tail, the Zazzy's flight characteristics are docile enough for newer pilots, while still agile enough to keep even a veteran sports pilot on their toes.

The key feature of the Zazzy is the hollow molded LiteCore wings which drastically reduces the model’s all up weight.  It's all bolt together construction means you can be flying your Zazzy within as little as 20 minutes from the time you open the box. Assembly time at the field is also drastically cut down thanks to the inclusion of the no hands PCB connectors at the wing roots, so no more fussing around with aileron servo extensions.

The Zazzy is plug and play, with decent electronics fitted throughout the model including all digital metal geared servos.  An Aerostar 3550 motor paired with a 50A Aerostar speed control, spinning a 12x6 carbon fiber propeller in a combination that provides this model with vertical performance with plenty in reserve.

A carbon fiber wing joining spar, easy access hatch, cushioned plywood battery tray and durable aluminum landing gear speaks volumes for the overall quality of the design and rounds out the Zazzy into a fantastic model aircraft that is every inch an RC pilots dream sports plane.

• Precision Sport aerobatic model
• Great first low wing model 
• LiteCore construction
• Quality digital metal gear servos and electronics
• Beautiful slick finish
• Easy to transport
• PCB connectors in wings make reassembly a breeze at the field



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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
Spektrum IX12
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24

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Winspan: 1300mm (51.2 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: 1950 g (4.3 lbs)

Wingspan: 1300mm (51")
Flying Weight: 1950g (with 4 cell)
Servos: 4 x 9g (digital metal geared)
Motor: Aerostar 3550 900KV outrunner
ESC: Aerostar 50A
Prop: Aerostar Carbon Fiber 12x6

Required: (Not Included)
4 - 6 channel Radio control system
4S 40-65C 3000-4000mAh Lipoly


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