In the past, many have tried to build a comprehensive RC model database and the task is huge. Now, It's time for me to try this challenge and offer something new and usefull to the community.

What will this site offer you ?

When you click on a model, you will see the following (You can take this link as an example)

1A] Info about the model
1B] Model Icons for your radio
1C] Pictures of course
1D] Info about the origal aircraft
1E] Online Shops where you can buy the model
2] Logo and Name of the Supplier
3] Model's User Manual link
4] Main model picture
5] Model Rating
6] Essential specifications
7] More technical information
8] Variations of the model

Info about models

I'm not testing the models, it's not the goal of this website. The purpose is to offer information about RC models.
Of course, you can already find the information we are showing here but we believe/hope it will be easier for you to find everything in one place.

Icons for your radio

SkyRaccoon, for the ones who already know this website, was the beginning of the history. It was a repository of model icons for Frsky radios.
So we kept this feature, you can still download the icons to make your radio more fancy.
For now, we only have the FrSky icons (for OpenTX and FrOS) but we plan to add in the future other formats for other radio offering this capability (Spektrum, Futaba, ...)

Info about the original aircraft

Wikipedia is a great source of information, and once again, we don't invent anything but we send you to the right place.
So we use the Wikipedia database when it's available to give you more information about the original aircraft.

Shop where you can buy the model

AIR-RC will also be a repository of online shops where you can buy the model your are interested in.
We don't plan to get an exhaustive listing of all the shops worldwide but at least we can tell you the main ones, the ones who are offering a good range of products where you have a good chance to find your model.
For now, we can't be sure 100% that the shops we are listing here are offering the one you are looking for but at least, we know they are selling models of the related suppliers.

Model Rating

You can rate the models and help the community by giving your feedback and experience about the models you already own.
For now, it's a basic 5 stars solution but we plan to extend this feature to full review thateach of you would be able to fill in.

How can you help ?

As you see, the project is ambitious and will take time to complete, so be patient...
But you can help ! How ? Simply by sending request for now. Ask for :

to be added to the database.
You can also send me comments by clicking here to give me your feedback

3,478 models in library now


Although I do my best to complete this library, you may not find the model you are looking for.

In this case, do not hesitate to ask me to add it : You're not bothering me. Please be patient, depending on my workload, I may take a few days to work on your model and gather information.

I'm sometime asked to add a non flying model to this library but unfortunately, it's not the focus of this website

Ask for a new model


Extra 330 LX
Tron 5.5E
DH-2 Beaver V2


I'm not asking for anything, I don't place any advertising and a simple 'thank you' or a kind message is my first salary.
That said, if you think this website is useful, if you like the content, the service and if you want to participate to the hosting, feel free to donate. I thank you in advance.


HobbyKing Frenzy
Flex Innovations QQ Yak 55 10E
QQ Yak 55 10E
hangar 9 Fun Scale PT-19
Fun Scale PT-19
Sansibear Juna 2 Strong
Juna 2 Strong
SebArt Sukhoi 29S 50E V2
Sukhoi 29S 50E V2
Thunder Tiger Raptor E700
Raptor E700
XLPower Specter 700 V2 NME
Specter 700 V2 NME
Max-Thrust Max Trainer
Max Trainer
Aeroworks Stingray
Freewing Model Mig-29 Red Star OVT
Mig-29 Red Star OVT
Flite Test Micro Adventure
Micro Adventure
Dynam Hawker Hunter 70mm
Hawker Hunter 70mm
CN Models Sensor
Ripmax Alliance
E-flite F-16 Thunderbirds 80...
F-16 Thunderbirds 80...
AerialFreaks Hyper 400 3D
Hyper 400 3D
Volantex RC Ranger 2400
Ranger 2400
Edge 540T 85"
Freewing Model Banshee
Tower Hobbies Slow Ride 3D
Slow Ride 3D
Seagull Models De Havilland Mosquit...
De Havilland Mosquit...
Goblin Helicopters Goblin RAW 580
Goblin RAW 580
TopRCModel F9F Cougar Jet 62
F9F Cougar Jet 62"
E-flite Beechcraft D18
Beechcraft D18
OA-Composites Alien
Amewi AMXPlanes Tasman
AMXPlanes Tasman
Amewi AMXPlanes Talon
AMXPlanes Talon
Amewi AMXPlanes Talon
AMXPlanes Talon
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