• Added Model pictures for Spektrum iX12
  • Added Model pictures for Jeti DS-24
  • Added Model pictures for Futaba 18MZ
  • Added Wingspan and Weight below each model icon
  • Sorting feature added (Popular,Model or Supplier)
  • Rotating Wings replaced by Other
  • New Login window
  • Password recovery feature added
  • You can now add a picture for you Avatar
  • Review feature added (need to be logged in to write a review)
  • You can see your 'requests' history (need to be logged in)
  • You can see your 'reviews' history (need to be logged in)

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What's Next

The plan is :
  • Gather more information about more models (ongoing)
  • Add more information about the original aircrafts (ongoing)
  • Add more online Shops (ongoing)
  • Add the missing pictures
  • Add a review option
  • Add an extended Search option (to find models by supplier, type, wingspan and so on...)
  • Add a 'similar model' button on each model
  • More model icons for other radios
  • Add a find drawing feature for DIY aircraft
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