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The Diana-2 is a 15 m race class plane which is unrivaled. Since the apparition in 2005, she has always been at the forefront of international competitions. The unique performance of the original can be found in our 1: 3 model. Due to the very thin wing and the resulting low air resistance, our Diana-2 has a very high performance spectrum, this is also evident in extremely weak thermals. The structure is constructed in CFK hard shell which sets our Diana-2 in terms of strength and speed new standards. Due to the long fuselage, the aircraft has an excellent leverage, which contributes significantly to the very good flight characteristics. In combination with our drives ceflix450kit or ceflix500kit, the Diana-2 is self-launchable and universally applicable. From the extreme alpine flight to the cozy after-work flight, it is just the thing.


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Winspan: 5000mm (196.9 in)
Length: 2340mm (92.1 in)

Weight: 11500 g (25.4 lbs)

Weight: from 8.7kg (glider) to 11.5 kg (with ceflix500kit)
Profil: ceflix0815


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