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The Durafly Bonanza is based on the late 1940’s civilian aircraft the Beechcraft Bonanza. With a low wing and a wingspan of only 950mm, this is a plane that you can take anywhere. Durafly has designed it as an easy hand launcher.

It is built of superbly finished, tough EPO and comes with stickers already applied. All electrics are pre-installed, just fit your receiver and battery. For better control, Durafly has fitted ball links on all control surfaces. The Bonanza is ready to "Throw it and Show it"

The Bonanza has a big wing that makes it a stable flier, but has heaps of power and will easily do the major tricks, loops and rolls, with poise. After a successful flight, you can slow down and float in for a stress-free belly landing.

• Quick, easy assembly
• Superbly finished, highly compressed EPO construction
• Hand launch, belly landing
• 4 Channels (ailerons, elevator, rudder (V-Tail), throttle)
• Ball links for control surfaces
• Strong, fully molded plastic cowl and belly skid
• Full 4 channel control: Elevator, rudder, throttle and aileron
• V-Tail tailplane
• Aileron servo covers



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Ship to: World
Winspan: 950mm (37.4 in)
Length: 650mm (25.6 in)

Weight: 540 g (1.2 lbs)

Wingspan: 950mm (37.4")
Length: 650mm (25.6")
Flying Weight: 540g (19.5oz) (inc all electronics and battery)
Servo: 9g x 4
ESC: 20A
Motor: 1300KV
Propeller: 7x5
Suggested battery: 3S 1300mAh
CG position: 70mm +/- 5mm
Control surface throws: ±8mm

Suggested Set-Up:
C of G: 80mm ± 5mm (measured from leading edge at root of wing)
Elevator: 8mm each way (+ 30% exponential)
Ailerons: 8mm each way (+ 25% exponential)
Rudder: 12mm each way (+ 25% exponential)


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