Bravado from Durafly


Everyone loves a good 3D plane, but they've been rare in foam... until now. The Bravado is exceptionally well finished, equipped with an over spec'd brushless power system and designed from the ground up with 'LiteCore' EPO construction technology, the Bravado is sure to please.

Duraflys new 'LiteCore' construction is light weight yet high strength in a design that lends itself perfectly to the punishing demands of any serious 3D/aerobatic pilot. The Bravado's huge control surfaces and side areas coupled with the precision TG9d digital servos and brushless power system give the Bravado all that it needs to perform a huge range of aerobatic and 3D manoeuvres. The Bravado can perforrm Blenders, harriers, prop hanging, tail dragging and knife edges all day long, the Bravado welcomes them all.

The Plug and Fly (PnF) version of the Bravado comes with an over spec'd brushless system for unsurpassed power and performance. This is pre-installed, along with the Turnigy TG9d high torque digital servos and 40amp ESC. You'll just have to glue in the wings, hinges and hook up the control surfaces to a receiver, connect the battery and you're ready to tear up the sky!

If you are looking to show the world just how good you are at 3D flying or even if are just getting into it, go ahead and show them your Bravado. 

• Ultra fine surface finish and detail
• AirCore' EPO construction technology
• Tough EPO construction with extensive carbon reinforcement
• Precision Turnigy TG9d high torque digital servos
• Extra large surface area
• 3 cell set-up out of the box
• Pre-applied decals and paint finish
• High level of pre-assembly and minimal part count, assembly time less than 1 hour



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Horus OpenTx
Horus FrOs
Spektrum IX12
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24

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Ship to: World
Winspan: 1000mm (39.4 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: 780 g (1.7 lbs)

Wingspan: 1000mm ( 39.4 in.)
Flying Weight: 700-780g (1.5 -1.7lbs)
Motor: 2814 1000KV
ESC: 40 Amp
Servo: 4 x Turnigy TG9d 9g digital servo’s
Radio/Receiver: 4ch or greater Tx/Rx (required)
Battery: 3s 1000-1300mAh lipo 25c min (required)
Prop: 11" x 5.5"


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