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Driven by the fascination of the Concorde and the lack of a R/C model, HM Modelltechnik involved in developing the mythical Concorde.

Concorde was a supersonic airliner built by the association Sud-Aviation (later Aerospatiale) and BAC (later British Aerospace). Its cruising speed was Mach 2.02 at an altitude ranging from 16,000 to 18,000 meters. It was equipped with a delta wing, called "Gothic", and afterburner turbojet developed first for the British bomber Avro Vulcan. It was also the first civilian aircraft to be equipped with analogue electrical flight controls.

Commercial flights began in 1976 and ended 27 years later, in 2003. The aircraft's high fuel consumption made it run low. Its decline was precipitated by the accident of the flight 4590 of Air France in July 2000, single major accident of a Concorde

The beautiful shape and appearance were transferred to the model and from the very beginning of the project, HM Modelltechnik attached importance to realistic flight characteristics. The full glassfiber construction with a vaccuum sandwich wing design is a lightweight construction where the model is able to, proportional to its own weight, to fly noticeably slower.

This featherweight giant is powered by two 90mm turbines that are satisfied with two LiPo 6S 8000mAh (total 12S) to produce sufficient thrust in flight. The developed technique of the Concorde HM Modelltechnik model offers great flight stability, even at low speeds for the pleasure of the pilots. A track in hard or grass with a length of 100 to 150m is sufficient.

The model is a fully glasfibre construction. Every part is build in vaccuum sandwitch construction and is very light weight. All glasfiber parts have only a weight of in sum 5.1kg. The fuselage consits of 2 parts, easy for transportation (~1.8m and ~1.6m long). Besides the fuselage, there are 3 other parts: left wing, right wing and center section. A special retract was developed with a realistic concorde design (optional). The retract works electric and have 2 braked wheels on each main retract, so 4 braked wheels in total (optional). This is necessary if you fly on a paved runnway. Everything produced in Germany.

This model is not only a pleasure for the audience. For the pilot the HM Modelltechnik Concorde offers a stable flight attitude in gusty winds and also in the range of the stall speed.
A stall will be recovered after a loss of only a few meters altitude with an appropriate powerplant. Short take off and landing roll distances will not be a problem with the recommended equipment. A tarmac or gras runway with the length of 100m is sufficient. Diligent assistants aren't necessarily required since the model consists of multiple parts and can be transported to the airfield in a medium-class car. We also placed importance to the fast and uncomplicated setup at the airfield. Depending on the setup you can reach a flight duration of around 7 minutes plus reserves.


  • fully resin/glassfiber construction
  • Fuselage in two parts (around 1.8m and 1.6m) for easy transport
  • Wings glassfiber/Airex in separated 3 parts : left wing - right wing - center section
  • Wing Span: 1450mm / 57.8in
  • Length: 3400mm / 133.85in
  • Weight of the fiber parts (without retracts) : 5.1kg / 179.90oz
  • Flying weight with battery 2x6S 8000mah : 11-11.5kg / 388oz
  • Electric retract system
  • Struts fitted for the main wheel of 4 wheels and for the front wheel of 2 wheels (optional)
  • Wheel brakes on two wheels or four wheels per strut (optional)
  • In option: realistic nose section : visor and nose movement in 2 different parts
  • In option: White and black painting of the model as for the real Concorde
  • Flying time: around 5 to 7 minutes with battery 12S (2x6S) 8000mah


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FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s/TWIN Ethos
FrSky Horus OpenTx
FrSky Horus FrOs
FrSky X9D/X9D+/X9E
Spektrum IX12 & IX20
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24
Graupner MZ-16 & MZ-32
Radiomaster TX16S
Jumper T16 & T18 series

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Wingspan: 1450mm (57.1 in)
Length: 3400mm (133.9 in)

Weight: 11000 g (24.3 lbs)
Wingspan 1450mm / 57.8in
Length 3400mm / 133.85in
Flying weight 11kg / 388oz
CG (Center of Gravity) Check manual
EDF Diameter Class 2 x 90
Electronic Speed Control 2 x 120A
Battery Cells 2x6 cells (total 12 cells)
Battery Capacity (mAh) 8.000 mAh
Surfaces Ailerons, Elevator
Landing Gear Retractable suspended gear
Material Glassfiber/Airex
Required Radio 6 channels minimum


Concorde (White)
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