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The rock'X is a model for the advanced modeler who is looking for the next challenge. The flight characteristics are not inferior to this and leave nothing to be desired even for the experienced pilot. The design promises a corresponding basic speed, with which you can search a relatively large area in a short time for upwind fields.

The 3-axis controlled model can be additionally equipped with spoiler flaps. This significantly shortens the landing approaches and allows you to target smaller landing areas. The rock'X can be built as a glider or e-sailplane. The necessary components are all included in the kit.

The rock'X responds very well to thermals, which is beneficial for flying on level ground, but also on slopes. In any case, the primary area of use is the slope. The climbed height can then be used for all kinds of aerobatic maneuvers. The limits are clearly set by the pilot.

Direct descents from 200m are no problem for the rock'X structure.

With the removable pendulum tailplane, the model can now also be perfectly stowed in the backpack, and come along on a trip up the mountain. The strength of the model promises that the fun factor will not be neglected. Unforgettable moments and flying experiences are pre-programmed.

Rapid changes from one thermal bubble to the next succeed with little loss of altitude, very well. The landing with the spoiler flaps has to be timed, but can be nicely dosed. With a little practice, this succeeds even on small landing fields.


The model is built entirely in wood and is reinforced in the appropriate places with plywood and pine strips. The kit comes as a complete kit including all small parts for the rudder linkages and also the wing wiring with the necessary connectors. The parts for the E version are included as well as all planking parts, ribs, formers, straps and the ready-to-install pendulum rudder lever with the appropriate CFRP reinforcements.

A color plotted 1:1 building plan and detailed building instructions in paper are also included, as well as two sheets of sandpaper of different grit and the decal kit.




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Radio icons

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

Jumper T16

Jumper T18

Radiomaster TX16S

FlySky NV14

FlySky EL18

PNG (192x114)

FrSky X9D

FrSky X9E

BMP (64x32)

BMP (64x32)

FrSky X20

FrSky X20 Pro

FrSky XE

Kavan V20

PNG (300x280)

BMP Recommended (300x280)

FrSky X18

FrSky Twin

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BMP Recommended (180x166)

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

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BMP Recommended (180x160)

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

JPG (155x100)

Futaba 18MZ

JPG (158x80)

Graupner MZ16

Graupner MZ32

BMP (158x106)

Jeti DS-24

PNG (320x240)

Spektrum ix12

Spektrum ix20

JPG (266x164)

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Wingspan: 2020mm (79.5 in)
Length: 1070mm (42.1 in)

Weight: 800 g (1.8 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 2020 mm
  • flying weight approx.: 800 g
  • Controls: H,S,Q,(M),(SK)
  • Fuselage: wood
  • Wings:    Wood/ribbed.
  • Recommended battery: 3S/850mAh LiXX
  • Length: 1070 mm
  • Recommended motor: Joker 2830-9,5
  • Airfoil: HQ-1,5/9
  • Type of drive: Electric
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