Arsen El from Sanda Models


The Arsen, one of Sanda Models best performers, is released as an electric glider. The Arsen El has a gorgeous planform with generous control surfaces and plenty of room in the nose for a large motor and battery.

The wing is molded from carbon and fiberglass. In between the layers of carbon and glass is a layer of Herex foam which separates the inner and outer wing skins, creating laminated panels that are high in stiffness and resistant to torsional loading. The fuselage is molded from fiberglass and is reinforced with carbon tow in the high stress areas, resulting in an airframe that is light yet stiff and remains reasonably flexible. 

The control surfaces are pre-cut, hinges relieved, and gap wipers installed. The V-tail control horns come with the ball links pre-installed.  

The Arsen El is smooth and graceful, tracks beautifully, and retains energy like a champ. All in all, an excellent molded composite sailplane.


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Aloft Hobbies
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Ship to: USA
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Ship to: Japan
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Ship to: Germany

Wingspan: 3040mm (119.7 in)
Length: 1460mm (57.5 in)

Weight: 4300 g (9.5 lbs)
Airfoil DP Sections 1.89 / 7.83
Wingspan 119.6" / 3040mm
Wing Area 919 sq. inches. / 59.3dm
Length 57.4" / 1460mm
Empty Weight 70.5oz / 2000 grams
RTF Weight 77.6 - 151.6oz. / 2200 - 4300 grams
Center of Gravity 105 mm from the leading edge

Recommended Equipments:

  • Servos: 
    • Wings: KST DS125 MG
    • Fuselage: KST DS145 MG
  • With Hacker B40-11L with 4,4:1 gear
    • ACC 16x10 prop
    • controller 50-100A
    • 3S LIPo - TopFuel LiPo 30C-LIGHT 3400mAh 3S or TopFuel LiPo 20C-ECO-X 3800mAh 3S
    • Power: 572 W
  • With Hacker B50 8S with 6,7:1 gear
    • ACC 15x13 prop
    • controller 90-150A
    • 3S LIPo - TopFuel LiPo 30C-LIGHT 3400mAh 3S or TopFuel LiPo 20C-ECO-X 3800mAh 3S
    • Power: 945 W


Arsen El (White Pink)
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