Edge 540 from Tower Hobbies


Like its full-size counterpart in ultra-exciting air racing, the easy-to-assemble Tower Hobbies Edge 540 ARF excels at outrageous aerobatics. Adding to its crowd-pleasing performance, the all-wood main structures and painted, hand-laid fiberglass cowl and wheel pants sport an eye-catching, factory-applied trim scheme. Take a flight on the wild side with the Edge 540...an exceptional value in edge-of-your-seat aerobatics.


  • Fly loops, rolls, knife edge, stall turns, and other exciting maneuvers.
  • Low parts count – assembles in as little as 8-12 hours.
  • Light, strong, built-up wood airframe with factory-applied heat-shrink film covering.
  • Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, painted to match the vibrant trim scheme.
  • One-piece wing mounts with two nylon bolts and removes easily for transportation.
  • Large, easy-to-remove canopy for quick access to on-board gear and LiPo battery.
  • Pre-hinged ailerons and self-aligning tail surfaces reduce assembly time.
  • Designed in the USA.


Zivko Edge 540

Zivko Edge 540

The Zivko Edge 540 manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics is a highly aerobatic aircraft. Capable of a 420 degree per second roll rate and a 3,700 foot per minute climb rate, it has been flown to victory on the international Unlimited aerobatics circuit several times since the mid-1990s. A tandem-seat version is sold as the Edge 540T.

The Zivko Edge 540 is the most common aircraft used in the Red Bull Air Race World Series.

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Ship to: International

Winspan: 1480mm (58.3 in)
Length: 1200mm (47.2 in)

Weight: 2720 g (6 lbs)

Wing Loading: 20.5 - 23.4 oz/sq ft (62.5 - 71.4 g/sq dm)
Wing Area: 590 sq in (38.0 sq dm)
Center of Gravity, (CG): 2 - 3" (51 - 76mm) from the leading edge of
the underside of the wing measured at the fuselage
Control Throws Low Rate High Rate
Elevator, Up/Down: 1/2" (13mm) 8° 3/4" (19mm) 12°
Rudder, Right/Left: 1-1/2" (38mm) 15° 1-1/2" (38mm) 15°
Ailerons, Up/Down: 3/8" (9mm) 8° 5/8" (16mm) 13°
Fuel Tank: Approximately 6oz (180cc)
Spinner: Red plastic 2" (51mm) diameter

Radio: At least 4 channel
Servos: 5-6 mini servos with at least 50 oz-in torque (2-aileron,
1-rudder, 1 or 2-elevator, 1-throttle if using glow engine
Electric Power;
Brushless Motor: ElectriFly Rimfire .32 (42-50-800) recommended
Electronic Speed Control: 70 - 80A
LiPo Battery: 4S 3300 - 3600mAh
Battery charger and LiPo charging bag
Glow Power:
Engine: .46 - .55 cu in (7 - 9 cc) 2-stroke OR .72 cu in (11.5 cc) 4-stroke
Glow Fuel, Glow Starter
Propeller to match selected engine
Building and field equipment


Edge 540 (Red-yellow)
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