Ele Bee 2 from Windrider


The Ele Bee (short for Electric Bee) is unique among all of the flying wings on the market. One of the unique features of the Ele Bee is that it is molded from all EPP foam. EPP foam is what makes the plane bulletproof and is actually designed for full contact combat! If the Ele Bee hits something it just bounces off, snaps back and is ready to fly again!

Not only is the plane all EPP, it is also injected EPP—not hot-wire cut from a block of foam. The Ele Bee is the only molded EPP flying wing on the market. With the wing being all molded, it does not require any spray adhesive to build the kit; no glue is necessary at all!

Hot wired wings go through a chemical change that requires you to coat the wing with glue prior to taping—this is not necessary with a molded wing.

Another unique feature is that the servo, receiver and battery compartments are already molded into the bottom of the wing. This makes construction very simple, eliminating any cutting and also helps to lower the CG, contributing to better flight behavior. One other nice feature of the equipment being in the bottom is that the top surface stays nice and smooth with only the control horns sticking up. Even the spar is internal to the wing, eliminating any cutting and keeping the airfoil smooth.

Ele Bee kits are very complete and contain pre shaped balsa airfoil ailerons, 2 rolls of colored tape and the necessary fiber tape. No other kit is this complete, Just add your radio and electronics and you are ready to fly.



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Where to buy

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Ship to: Worldwide

Wingspan: 1219mm (48 in)
Length: 495mm (19.5 in)

Weight: 666 g (1.5 lbs)
Wingspan: 1219 mm
Length: 495 mm
Airfoil: RSB 881
Wing area: 30 dm²
Weight: 666 gr
Wing loading: 22 d/dm²
Material: EPP
Radio required: 3 Channel
Recommended ESC: 20 Amp

The Ele Bee Kit Contains the Following:

  • Electric Bee all injected EPP wings 
  • 2 Rolls of color covering tape, Your choice of colors
  • Pre-shaped balsa elevons
  • Complete hardware package
  • One Roll 3 inch wide Fiber Filament Tape
  • Wing tips and access port covers
  • Custom-cut Velcro fastener for tips
  • Carbon spar
  • Canopy and motor tray
  • 2-pack of propellers
  • Unique whistle set (for fun)
  • Decorative Bee stickers
  • Full color instructions


Ele Bee 2 (White)
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