Specter 700 V2 NME from XLPower


Specter 700 V2 Nick Maxwell Edition (NME) electric RC Helicopter from XL Power adds a handful of unique yet key upgraded features to the proven world championship Specter 700V2 chassis that delivers world class performance and reliability. Updates to the base XL Power Specter 700 V2 airframe include stronger 7075 black anodized aluminum for the rotor head and tail rotor systems, a 1:1 swash to rotor head geometry that offers simple set up and improved cyclic behavior, a conical tail shaft and tail hub that improve tail rotor symmetry and balance, updated tail blade grip bearing stack, a quick assembly tail control linkage rod that does not require glue, heavy duty main gear, and finally a unique yellow, blue, and silver "NME" style painted canopy. All of these updates were born from the desire for better performance as well as ease of life that add to the already solid foundation of the highly successful XL Power Specter 700V2 airframe.

The Specter 700 V2 Electric Helicopter from XL Power isn't just an old design with a few "upgrades" added in, but rather, a total overhaul from the original Specter 700 to bring the best performance to every single pilot. Hours of testing and months of design brings the latest Specter V2 to you thanks to world class pilots and designers chasing performance, reliability, and strength. 

The V2 introduces a 10mm lower rotor head that improves vertical mass distribution, bringing the center of gravity closer to the center of the frame. It's compact nature aids in providing even more agility for pilots looking for an incredibly reactive model. Even with it's changes, the rotor head still incorporates the durable double row angular contact bearings which increase bearing life drastically. 

Focusing on the tail of the model, the V2 has several updates here as well. First and foremost, a lack of boom supports thanks to a strong 32mm diameter tail boom. On top of this tail boom, you will find the tail linkage rod, which additionally improves the CG thanks to the relocation of the tail servo to the upper frames. By default, the tail belt is now 8mm in thickness by default, that is a custom design to ensure long life. 

Tail pulley sizes have been adjusted to be larger (80T/16-17T before, to 100T/20-21T in the V2). The larger pulleys significantly reduce the bending radius of the belt, which even further improves belt life and reduces belt drag. Lastly, an extreme light weight tail fin is included, to minimize as much weight from the tail as possible. 

The frame has been updated and redesigned as well, with the most exciting feature being a rear load battery tray. Thanks to an optional upgrade, it is this design paired with a battery tray with a built in connector that allows the battery to be installed and powered up - without the need to remove the canopy. The flybarless gyro tray has been moved to the front of the model, which makes wiring the heli easier, and reduces vibrations transferred to the gyro. 

 The main gear included is the durable 15mm thick gear from the V1 Specter, but can be upgraded to a thicker 18mm for pilots looking for something nearly indestructible. Lastly, the landing gear is wider and lower, which will help reduce tipovers during auto rotations, and rough landings.

 The Specter 700 V2 NME is sure to give all pilots an excellent platform a reliable airframe, that can perform with the greatest designs on the market. Regardless of skillset, the Specter 700 V2 NME is ready for you. 

NME Features:

  • Stronger 7075 Black Anodized Aluminum for Rotor Head & Tail Rotor
  • 1:1 Swash to Rotorhead Geometry
  • Conical Tail Rotor Shaft & Hub
  • Improved Tail Grip Bearing Stack
  • Glue-less Tail Control Linkage Rod
  • HD Main Gear
  • "NME" Yellow, Blue, & Silver Style Canopy

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We cannot guarantee that the shops listed below do sell the Specter 700 V2 NME in particular but at least we know they do distribute XLPower.

Wingspan: 1400mm (55.1 in)
Length: 1300mm (51.2 in)

Weight: 5300 g (11.7 lbs)
  • Length: 1300mm 
  • Height: 366mm 
  • Width: 134mm 
  • Main blade size: 685mm - 716mm 
  • Tail blade size: 105mm - 115mm 
  • Main to tail gear ratio: 4.76
  • RTF weight: 4900g - 5300g 
  • Main shaft diameter: 15mm 
  • Feathering shaft diameter: 10mm 
  • Tail Boom Diamater: 32mm 

Needed to Complete: 

  • Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
  • Receiver (7-channel or more)
  • (2) 6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh
  • Digital Pitch Gauge
  • (3) Full Size Cyclic Servos
  • (1) Full Size Tail Servo
  • (1) Brushless Motor (4525 or similar recommended)
  • (1) 12s ESC (130A Minimum Recommended)
  • (1) Set of 690-710mm Rotor Blades
  • (1) Set of 105-115mm Tail Rotor Blades
  • Misc. Building Equipment
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