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Pitbull 3 is our next solution for pilots in F3F contests and also for hobby pilots who looks for high performance model.
It comes from our best experiences from outstanding Pitbull series.  

In comparison with Pitbull 2 there is more wing area that gives the same lift, so it allows more load for Pitbull 3.
Big innovation is extremely short nose area that helps to fly turns more agile and fast. Little more weight for ballancing CG in such short nose should not be any issue in case of F3F plane.

Again we use carbon fabric HM Spreadtow for wings and UHM carbon for fuselage like in last successful F3F model Pitbull 2.
These carbon materials make the model stiffer for torsion at high G's so it helps to be faster on high speed turns.
Fuselage is produced by a new production technique that allows to make it stiffer with less weight.

Pitbull 3 comes in four versions:

  • F3F Strong
  • F3F Double Carbon
  • F3F Double Carbon 80HM Spreadtow
  • F3F Light - Double Carbon 60HM Spreadtow

Fuselage is 2.4Ghz friendly in front part.


Radio icons

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FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s/TWIN Ethos
FrSky Horus OpenTx
FrSky Horus FrOs
FrSky X9D/X9D+/X9E
Spektrum IX12 & IX20
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24
Graupner MZ-16 & MZ-32
Radiomaster TX16S
Jumper T16 & T18 series

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Wingspan: 2960mm (116.5 in)
Length: 1350mm (53.1 in)

Weight: 3500 g (7.7 lbs)
Airfoil Baudis Jiri
Wingspan 2960mm
Length 1350mm
Wing Area 64.69dm2
Aspect Ratio 14.96
Weight 2000-3500gr


  • Strong (1x 160g carbon): approx 2500gr
  • Double carbon (2x 160g carbon): approx. 2600gr
  • Double carbon HM Spreadtow (2x 80g HM Spreadtow): approx. 2400gr
  • Light - Double carbon HM Spreadtow (2x 60g HM Spreadtow): approx. 2200gr

For the first three F3F layups is used Herex (Airex) foam in wings. Only for the last layup F3F Light is used Rohacell foam in wings.

F3F Strong lay-up is our standard layup, the same like for Pitbull 2:
 Wing sandwich construction

  • glass fabric 50g/m² on surface of wing
  • bi-directional carbon fabric 160g/m²
  • Herex
  • glass fabric 50g/m² in last layer

Wingspar - kevlar honeycomb/high-module carbon sandwich

CG 105mm recommended for first flights

common set up:

  • for start flap +12 to 15mm, elev. -1 to  -1,5
  • for speed flap 0 to -1mm,
  • distance flap 0 to 2
  • durance flap +2 to +3mm
  • elevatore +/- 4-5mm
  • rudder +/- 7mm
  • ailerons -12 to -15mm,  +4 to +6mm (changed in different tasks)

active mix:

  • ailerons/rudder
  • ailerons/flaps
  • flaps/ailerons
  • elevatore/flaps


Pibull 3 (White Green Black)
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