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The composite fuselage is made of fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcements for extra strength. The carbon canopy is removable for easy access to the radio equipment and the propulsion battery. The nuts for the wing fixing screws are already fitted to the fuselage. The very resistant tail boom is made of carbon fiber / fiberglass composite. The nose is cut to receive a motor of 31mm in diameter.

The wings are cut from special density polystyrene foam and cased in black poplar, this veneer is foam bonded with aircraft grade epoxy in a high pressure mold for a flawless, warp free wing. The flaps and ailerons are traced on the cores and will need to be cut. The wing consists of 3 parts, a central part with the flaps and two removable "cheeks" with the ailerons. The wings are designed with an SD7080 aerodynamic profile specially modified for this glider.

The fixed plane of the centreboard is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The depth is made from hard balsa planks, it will be mounted in such a way that it remains removable for transport.


Radio icons

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

Jumper T16

Jumper T18

Radiomaster TX16S

FlySky NV14

FlySky EL18

PNG (192x114)

FrSky X9D

FrSky X9E

BMP (64x32)

BMP (64x32)

FrSky X20

FrSky X20 Pro

FrSky XE

Kavan V20

PNG (300x280)

BMP Recommended (300x280)

FrSky X18

FrSky Twin

PNG (180x166)

BMP Recommended (180x166)

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

PNG (180x160)

BMP Recommended (180x160)

FrSky X10

FrSky X12s

JPG (155x100)

Futaba 18MZ

JPG (158x80)

Graupner MZ16

Graupner MZ32

BMP (158x106)

Jeti DS-24

PNG (320x240)

Spektrum ix12

Spektrum ix20

JPG (266x164)

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Wingspan: 2700mm (106.3 in)
Length: 1375mm (54.1 in)

Weight: 1130 g (2.5 lbs)
Wing span 2700 mm
Length 1375 mm
Weight 650 g
Wing area 39.20 dm²
Wing Profile SC7080 mdofied
Weight (flying) 1130 g


Recommended Equipments:

  • MotorART-2000 kv 650
  • ESC: 36/55 A
  • Battery: Lipo 3S 2200mAh
  • Propeller: 15x8
  • Cone : 41 mm

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