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HobbyKing and the Avios Team have collaborated with RC Groups to provide this excellent rendition of the real Extra 300 LX owned and flown by RC Groups founder Jim Bourke. The original planes color scheme was worked on by Italian designer Mirco Pecorari and is based on the RC Groups color scheme.

The Extra 330 LX is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-580 motor and a low-wing monoplane that offers exceptional aerobatic performance. It comes as a two-seat, tandem arrangement with conventional (taildragger) landing gear. 

Our latest plug and fly Extra is made of EPO foam with a realistic color scheme and is big enough to provide great presence in the air. It is powered by a 4240-600KV brushless outrunner with a 14x7 propeller allowing you to enjoy all your favorite aerobatic maneuvers and push the envelope when flying 3D. Even the classic stunts like big loops and hammerhead stalls will be so easy due to the ample power provided. Even more complicated 3D maneuvers like hovering and rolling circles can be done with ease.

• Lightweight aerobatic 3D sports plane
• Superbly rendered EPO foam
• Designed after the real Extra flown and owned by RC Groups founder Jim Bourke.


Extra EA-300

Extra EA-300

The Extra Flugzeugbau EA300 is a two-seat aerobatic monoplane capable of Unlimited category competition. It was designed in 1987 by Walter Extra, a German aerobatic pilot, and built by Extra Flugzeugbau.

This article is an extract from the Wikipedia article "Extra EA-300", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0

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Winspan: 1420mm (55.9 in)
Length: 1350mm (53.1 in)

Weight: 1940 g (4.3 lbs)

Wingspan: 1420mm
Length: 1350mm
Weight: 1940g
ESC: Aerostar 60A
Motor: 4240 600KV Brushless Outrunner
Servos: 4x25g
Propeller: 14x7

6 Channel TX/RX system
2700~4000mAh 4S Lipo Battery


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