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The Albatross is a unique slow flyer designed to put its nose on the horizon and level its own wings without a pilot. It is very quiet and designed to use inexpensive electronics. It is one of my favorite night planes and small park flyers because it is quiet and easy to fly. The fuselage is a strong solid block of EPP foam which increases its durability. You will cut holes in the EPP fuselage to install your radio rather than installing electronics in a hollow fuselage. We recommend you build your Albatross with a pod mounted motor because it protects the prop and motor and leaves room for a camera up front. The Albatross is available with ailerons for more advanced flying and FPV but don't underestimate the stability and fun of the polyhedral wing

New flyers can fly this plane.  It can turn itself right side up, level the wings, and put its nose on the horizon without pilot input.  It has a unique slanted motor angle and polyhedral wing that make the magic happen.  It flies just as well with the optional pod mounted motor configuration which protects the motor and prop and gets the prop out of the way if you want a camera on the nose.  The Albatross makes a great FPV plane because it is self stabilizing and has long flights without having to carry a big battery.  It can fly in more wind than any other slow flyer we have flown.  We recommend it for flyers who are having trouble staying in the air.  It is also a great plane for night flying and flying in parks where you need a quiet plane.  Whether you’re a new flyer looking to get some experience, or an experienced flyer looking for a plane to train your friends and family, this unique model is designed to help you. 

The Albatross with the polyhedral wing is designed to use the same low cost motor, speed control and servos as the high performance Assassins and Widowmakers.  The Albatross flies well at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle giving long relaxed flight times.  This is a great night flyer with LED lights.  This is our most popular trainer sized airplane.  It is relaxed and fun to fly.



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Wingspan: 1170mm (46.1 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: 800 g (1.8 lbs)
  • The optional pod mount and/or aileron wings do not change the CG location.
  • Laminate included only for the fuselage. The wing is NOT laminated.
  • The aileron wing has the ailerons precut in the wing.
  • Center of Gravity: 3.75” (9.5 cm) back on the wing.
  • Elevator throws: 3/8” (1 cm) up/down.
    Rudder 1” (2.5 cm) left/right.
    Ailerons: 3/8" up/down.
  • On the polyhedral wing the wing tip angle is up 5” to top of the foam on each wingtip.
  • On the polyhedral wing the rudder servo is plugged into the aileron plug on the receiver.
  • The aileron wing has each wing tip up 2.5" on each wingtip or 5" up on one tip when the other wing is flat.
  • Front wing dowel is back 9” from the nose of the fuselage.
  • The back wing dowel is ½” behind the back of the wing. - Use six to eight #64 size rubber bands to secure the wing.
  • Best flying weight: 19-27 oz (570-810 gm) Lighter always flies better!!!
  • 2812 motor, 25A ESC, 2 (or 4 for wing with ailerons) mg90 servos.
  • 1300 to 3000 mA 3S lipo battery recommended.
  • Launch at 1/2 throttle and throttle up

Included in the kit:

  • EPP foam fuselage
  • EPP foam wings
  • EPP foam tail and rudder
  • 2 x or 4x fiberglass wing spars (varies with the two kits)
  • Spars for both wings shipped with the two wing kit.
  • 1X flat carbon tail spar
  • 1 X wood motor pod for elevated motor
  • 2 x Formica motor mount bases for nose mount motor
  • 2 x servo horns
  • 2 sets, EZ connectors
  • 2 x long push rods for fuselage
  • 2X short push rods with the aileron wing
  • 4 x push rod guides
  • 2 x wooden dowels
  • 4 x tongue depressors
  • 4 x rubber bands
  • 4 feet of laminate for the fuselage


Albatross (White)
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