Pitts Python Model 12 from Dynam


The Pitts Model 12 is a high-performance aerobatic biplane designed around the Vedeneyev M14P/PF engine. Lightweight and fast, Dynam Pitts Python Model 12 Yellow is virtually ready for most 3D and aerobatic maneuvers you can throw at her! All you need is a 6-channel 2.4Ghz radio, 6-channel receiver, 4S 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Li-Po battery, and you're ready to get your 3D groove on!

The Dynam Pitts Python Model 12 in Yellow yellow color scheme adds a bold and unique touch to the already impressive design. With its aerodynamic body and powerful Detrum motor, this Pitts model 12 is sure to provide an exhilarating flying experience.

The design team at Dynam RC has captured this wonderful biplane and stretched the fuselage to improve pitch damping and optimize flight performance without losing the classic lines of this incredible aircraft. The wingspan is a compact yet respectable 1067mm, and with the EPO foam, carbon, and phenolic composites, the resulting aircraft is incredibly lightweight and durable.

A 4S LiPo battery paired with the perfect balance of the Detrum 650KV brushless motor and TomCat Skylord-50A ESC gives a potent punch of pace and performance that we haven't seen in a model of this size.

Featuring a fabulous showroom finish using quality paint and decals, this bold scale scheme and contrasting colors will stand out in flight and take center stage on the deck. The aircraft devours snaps, gyroscopic tumbles, flat spins, and prop hang climb-outs and gives ample grace and poise in slow, point, and ratchet rolls that will have all levels of pilots grinning from ear to ear.


  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction
  • Aileron, rudder, and elevator controls
  • Realistic scale features including an attractive Pitts Model 12 yellow paint scheme, hand-painted pilot figure, and molded panel lines
  • Powerful Detrum BM3720-650KV brushless outrunner motor
  • TomCat Skylord-50A ESC
  • 2-blade propeller
  • 6CH 2.4GHz radio system
  • Comes with a decal set
  • 4S 14.8V 2200mAh Li-Po 25C battery
  • Suitable for intermediate or experienced pilots


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FrSky Horus OpenTx
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Jumper T16 & T18 series

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Wingspan: 1067mm (42 in)
Length: 1130mm (44.5 in)

Weight: 1300 g (2.9 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 1067mm (42in)
  • Overall Length: 1130mm (44.4in)
  • Flying Weight: 1300g (51.1oz)
  • Wing Loading: 43g/dm²
  • CG (Center of Gravity): 85-90mm from the leading edge of the wing at the root
  • Power System: Detrum BM3720-650KV brushless outrunner motor
  • Electronic Speed Control: TomCat Skylord-50A ESC
  • Propeller: 2-blade propeller 13*6
  • Servo: 2x 9g micro servos, 2x 17g micro servos
  • Landing Gear: Fixed
  • Required Transmitter: 6CH+ 2.4Ghz 6-Channel or above (required)
  • Required Receiver: 6CH 2.4Ghz (required)
  • Required Battery: 4S 14.8V 2200mAh Li-Po 25C (required)
  • Aileron/Elevator/Rudder/Flap: Y/Y/Y/N
  • Material: EPO Foam


Pitts Python Model 12 (Yellow Black)
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