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The Bolero 3D is a classic aerobatic model for ultimate 3D acrobatics. The Corel Snake Design winds like a coral snake around the fuselage and wing of the model, giving the model its distinctive appearance.

The fuselage, wings and tail unit are built in the classic balsa plywood lightweight construction and have high strength values with minimal weight. All moulded parts are covered with a high-quality multi-coloured foil. The wing is of split construction and can be assembled on the airfield in a few easy steps. The wing halves are connected by a force-locked connection via a generously dimensioned aluminium tube.

The Bolero 3D Corel Snake can be equipped with either an electric or a combustion engine. For this purpose we offer two corresponding extension sets (see required accessories).

The large ailerons are each controlled by a separate servo, which is located directly in the wing. The elevator servo is located in the tail of the model, and also controls the large ailerons directly, without play. The rudder is controlled by a cable linkage system which is absolutely free of play.

The installation of the model is limited to the assembly of the rudders and the installation of the drive and RC system.

In the air the Bolero 3D CS impresses with unbelievable agility and perfect aerobatic flight characteristics up to the limits of flight physics...! The additional side force generators on the wing give the Bolero noticeably more lift, especially during knife flight manoeuvres. Depending on the size of the rudder deflections, the model can be flown like a normal trainer or as a pure 3D acrobat.

The Bolero 3D in Corel Snake Design is the ultimate eye-catcher on every flying field and inspires spectators and pilots alike!


  • High performance 3D aerobatic model
  • Structure in lightweight balsa plywood construction
  • Multicoloured covered with high-quality foil
  • Removable Side Force Generators
  • Robust chassis made of duralumin
  • Light sponge rubber wheels
  • Divided wing halves
  • Non-positive surface connection with aluminium tube
  • Lacquered GfK engine hood
  • Smoke grey tinted canopy
  • High degree of prefabrication, thus short construction time
  • Fascinating 3D aerobatic flight characteristics
  • Optionally designed for electric or combustion engine drive
  • Delivery complete with spinner and all small parts
  • Detailed construction manual with many photos of the construction stages


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