Epic Victory from Tomahawk Aviation


The unique combination of scale-Jet (1:5) and sport-Jet fligh characteristics. The Epic Victory is the first model of the new Tomahawk ARF-plus series. All necessary installations are already done at high quality level standards. The plane is built in lightweight but durable sandwich-full-composite construction, reinforced by carbon-fibre where necessary. All installed components are carefully chosen, the landing gear is a new construction for this plane.


  • Installed electrical landing gear with brakes
  • Installed nose gear door with sequencer 
  • Installed tailpipe 
  • Installed fuel tank
  • Installed rudders, hinges, horns an servo-mounts
  • Installed tinted cockpit windows
  • Installed mount for 90-120N turbine
  • Installed fuselage-door with hinges and latch
  • Professionally painted color scheme 


Epic Victory

Epic Victory

The Epic Victory was the second experimental jet designed by Epic Aircraft, a company that was based in Bend, Oregon. Epic Aircraft declared bankruptcy in 2009. Its assets were acquired by Aviation Industry Corporation of China and LT Builders Group; which as of July 2010 were in the process of restarting production of the Victory.

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Winspan: 2320mm (91.3 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: unknown
Scale: 1:5
Required turbine size: 90-120N
Wing construction: fibreglass/carbon composite
Fuselage construction: fibreglass/carbon


Epic Victory (White-purple)
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