Eli F3-RES from Zellair


The model Eli is a current construction of Julius Valastiak from Slovakia and has won in 2020 all 3 RES competitions held there!
The construction is designed for dynamic flying, the wings are prepared for an additional ballasting of about 100g.
The model can be built as a glider or electric version and convinces with a contemporary design and the excellent workmanship or high-quality components.
The laser cut and CNC machined kit features a simple and robust construction. The fuselage consists of a front fuselage section in classic balsa/plywood construction and a high-quality handmade conical CFRP fuselage tube.

The wing is 2-piece, the superstructure is in the classic and proven tubular spar construction method. High-quality hand-wound CFRP tubes are included. With the large 2-piece landing flaps, nearly vertical descents are possible without the need for a ride.

The tailplane, milled from lightweight balsa, is removable.

Only selected balsa and plywood optimized for weight are used for the kit.

Gluing of all components with commercially available systems such as superglue, white glue or 5-min epoxy is very easy and machining of the materials is trouble-free.

The design allows the use of commercially available and easily available components such as the Eneloop lite 550mAh battery pack as well as Hepf H47 or EMAX ES09D and ES9051 servos.


  • High quality laser cut and CNC machined lightweight balsa and plywood kit.
  • High quality and lightweight CFRP fuselage tube
  • Tail mount CNC machined
  • High quality handmade cylindrical and conical CFRP tubes for the tube spar
  • High-quality handmade GRP tubes for the wing spars
  • 5 mm Ø steel plugging
  • High quality and extensive accessories such as adjustable high launch hook, mounting screws, mounts, bowden cables, rudder horns, GRP connectors, magnets, etc.
  • Large and clear building plan in 1:1 scale
  • Illustrated building instructions (English)


Radio icons

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FrSky X20/X20s/XE Ethos
FrSky X18/X18s/TWIN Ethos
FrSky Horus OpenTx
FrSky Horus FrOs
FrSky X9D/X9D+/X9E
Spektrum IX12 & IX20
Futaba 18MZ
Jeti DS-24
Graupner MZ-16 & MZ-32
Radiomaster TX16S
Jumper T16 & T18 series

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We cannot guarantee that the shops listed below do sell the Eli F3-RES in particular but at least we know they do distribute Zellair.

Wingspan: 1977mm (77.8 in)
Length: 1203mm (47.4 in)

Weight: 500 g (1.1 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 1977mm
  • Length: 1203 mm 
  • Flight weight: from 410 g(recommended 450 - 500)
  • Wing Profile: AG 24 modified
  • Wing area: 34,7 dm²
  • Wing loading: from 11,8 g/dm²
  • Functions: H, S, Lkl, (M)
  • Required number of ducts3+
  • Fuselage: Balsa/plywood Lightweight construction with CFRP fuselage tube
  • Wing: Balsa/plywood lightweight construction with CFRP tubular spar


  • Servo:
    • 2 x KST X06 (height + side by side)
    • 2 x KST X06H (spoiler)
    • or
    • 2 x KST X08 V5 (height + side by side)
    • 2 x KST X08H V5 (spoiler)
    • or
    • 2 x EMAX ES09D (height + side one behind the other)
    • 2 x EMAX ES9051 (spoiler)
  • Battery: 550mAh/4,8V or 300 - 800mAh/7,4V (if necessary with BEC)
  • ESC: 15A +
  • Motor: Hacker A10-7L with gearbox or Torcster A2255/19 or ART-500


Eli F3-RES (Blue)
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