F-27C Stryker from parkzone


The F-27C Stryker blasts Plug-N-Play performance out of the park with its high-power, 6-pole 1880Kv brushless motor and E-flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC give it unlimited vertical performance and blistering straight line speeds in excess of 80 mph. To handle the abrupt wing loading changes of aggressive high-speed aerobatics without getting bent out of shape, ParkZone has molded the F-27C from its tough, lightweight Z-Foam material. In the air, you can choose between high rate for dizzying pitch and roll rates, and low rate for smooth control response during paint-peeling high-speed passes—all with the flip of a transmitter switch.

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling, adrenaline pumping Plug-N-Play experience that’s unlike anything else out there, this is it.

The F-27C Stryker's Plug-N-Play version allows for the convenience of a Ready-To-Fly and the versatility of an Almost-Ready-to-Fly—just plug in your receiver and fly! You can fly the F-27C Stryker using any major brand of receiver and transmitter. Simply attach a propeller and plug in a receiver of four channels or more, and it’s ready for action.


  • 6 pole 1880Kv brushless motor
  • E-flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch Mode BEC
  • Industry standard 3 wire servos installed
  • Factory-applied Tiger Meet paint scheme and decals
  • One-piece Z-Foam™ wing
  • Heavy-duty elevon hinges
  • Large control surfaces for maximum roll and pitch authority
  • Vented battery and electronics compartments




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This was one of the first planes I bought after the initial beginner training phase, and for a few years I flew it more than anything else. It did everything so well and was incredibly easy to fly. It's often listed as an intermediate plane, presumably because it can be flown quite fast, but I honestly think it was easier to fly than any other plane I've owned. It is easy to hand launch and has a wide speed envelope. Landings were always drama free since it's a belly lander and it was very easy to plop it down with sharp flair at the very end. Normally I'm not a fan of the sound of pusher prop airplanes, but the 27C almost purred at low RPMs and and its wail at full throttle was smoother and less mechanical than many wings I've heard. Because it was so fun to fly, I often flew it with abandon, and over time this took a toll on the air-frame and it is now just a collection of parts. Luckily I bought a few spares, so I will definitely resurrect the Stryker again in the future.

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Wingspan: 940mm (37 in)
Length: unknown

Weight: unknown
Approx. Flying Speed: 80+ MPH
Approximate Flight Time: 12 to15 minutes
CG (Center of Gravity): Approx 6 1/2" forward from trailing edge
Motor Size: 6-pole brushless direct-drive 1880Kv
Recommended Fuel: Electric
Speed Control: E-flite 30A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch Mode BEC (EFLA1030)
Wingspan: 37 in (940mm)


F-27C Stryker (White Black Yellow)
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