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Nothing quite compares to the simplicity of taking just a model and transmitter out to the local park for a couple of hours of flying fun.
Discus launched gliders (DLGs) are a truly fascinating branch of the hobby as well as being a totally absorbing way to learn all about finding and using the tiny pockets of lift to be found low down.

The Hobbyking Raven 990 is a lightweight, mini DLG for pilots looking for a high performing entry-level model. 
All of the main components are supplied ready-built so that assembly time is minimal and the small size of the Raven 990 makes it easy to transport and store.

Fully built-up, open construction is used for all flying surfaces with carbon fiber spars and reinforcement where required, all beautifully shown off by the transparent red iron-on covering film.
The fuselage is a pod and boom design with a high-impact, transparent equipment pod and lightweight spiral wound carbon fiber boom to give maximum strength exactly where needed

Following the latest thinking in DLG design, the Hobbyking Raven 990 is rudderless and has a super-lightweight pull operated elevator with a spring return. 
Full span ailerons each have their own servo to give excellent control authority and the option of flapperons if your radio allows, to give even more control over your flight profile, with launch, cruise, thermal and landing modes becoming available at the flick of a switch. The supplied throwing peg can be configured for either right or left-handed throwers.

Needing just a suitable receiver and battery (see related items for suggestions) the Raven 990 can be ready to go in as little as 30 minutes, so why not join the ever-growing DLG crowd today?

In the words of the great Dave Thornburg; "You'll learn more about finding lift below 50ft altitude than you ever will above it..."

• Excellent build quality
• Lightweight plastic fuselage pod
• Preinstalled servos (elevator and one for each aileron)
• Pre-built balsa wing and tail surfaces
• Easy assembly (approx. 30mins)



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FrSky Horus FrOs
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Wingspan: 990mm (39 in)
Length: 730mm (28.7 in)

Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)

Wingspan: 990mm
Length: 730mm
Weight: 160g
Wing Area: 11.17dm2 (sq.dm)
Wing Loading: 14.3 g/dm2 (5.4 oz/sq ft)


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