T-27 Tucano 50cc from Juniaer


An innovative model airplane on the popular 50cc class that surprises by the scale visual, details such as antennas, rivets, panel lines, exhausts replicas, pitot tube replicas, main and front landing gear doors (not installed) , handmade painting with high quality finishing, scale adhesives according to the chosen painting applied and varnished in the model airplane, and also for the pleasure in flying, since it remains stable in high and low speeds, scale flaps give much realism and stability for landings and slow flights. Prepared for installation of retracts (supplied separately) pneumatic, mechanical or electrical, a wide variety of equipment can be used. Prepared for installation of scale navigation lights (supplied separately), wing tips and wing landing lights with clear lenses.

High-quality epoxy resin model with structural reinforcements, low weight and high strength due to high-tech FULL COMPOSITE vacuum lamination technique. Wing and stabilizer in two pieces (1 aluminum tube in the wing and 1 in the stabilizer) laminated in fiberglass and epoxy resin with reinforcements of carbon fiber and structures in laser cut plywood and balsa wood. Clear canopy and resin canopy frame can be installed with open/close mechanism (not included), resin cockpit with instruments panels and seats replicas. Aileron, flaps, and elevators factory hinged with perfect alignment. Rudder to be installed with hinge points provided with the kit. Servos tray and tank tray in laser cut plywood. Wing and stabilizer servos installed inside the reinforcing ribs, allowing accurate and safe linkage. 2 piece engine cowl provided with no cutouts, making access to adjustments or engine checks and fueling easy. It must be cut in the final assembly according to the position of engine, exhaust and installed accessories. Firewall installed with correct and definitive angles, with center marking.

Side door with opening and closing mechanism installed and ready to accommodate on / off switches, fuelers, voltage monitors and other equipment that are installed on the model aircraft.

The indications of the T-27 Tucano 50cc are: Scale Model, for realistic flight reproduction and scale aerobatics, like Cuban eights, slow rolls, 4 point rolls, loopings, split S, etc. ... Reduced stall speed and smooth flight characteristics garanteeed by Juniaer aerodynamic features. Flaps guarantee lift for a good landing. Check out videos on our You Tube channel!



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Wingspan: 2300mm (90.6 in)
Length: 2050mm (80.7 in)

Weight: 11500 g (25.4 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 2300 mm (90.55 in)
  • Length: 2050 mm (80.71 in)
  • Weight (no acessories): 4,400 g (10.15 lb) full composite
  • Flying Weight: 10,000 to 11,5000 g (22 to 26 lb)
  • Engines:
    • Gasoline burning (50 a 60cc)
    • Electric Motors (230kV 5000W 33,3V to 55,5V LiPo)
  • Radio: Mínimum 7 channels with limited features
  • Servos:
    • All servos must be metal geared
    • Rudder and steering: 1 servo 15Kg or more torque    
    • Ailerons: 2 servos  Flaps: 2 servos  Elevator: 2 servos 10Kg or more torque
    • Throtle: 1 servo (not used qith electric motor) 5Kg or more torque
    • Choke:1 servo (optional)
    • Retracts:1 servo (pneumatic/spring air) or servoless (electric)
  • Spinner:3 1/2"(88,9mm)
  • Wheels:3 3/4" to 4"(95,25mm-101,6mm) mains and 3 1/4"(82,55mm) front


T-27 Tucano 50cc (Blue Yellow Green)
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